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The project set out to transfer and adapt the current UK Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker Programme and Plymouth Mind’s OCN accredited level 3 course in mental health, to create a new level 3 vocational award in Slovenia, Greece, Poland and Lithuania in addition to upgrading our existing OCN qualification.

Project Summary

The World Health Organisation: “Primary care mental health services in Europe are under-developed with long waiting times to receive treatment in the community, resulting in significant costs to individuals, communities and economies. This lack of capacity is associated with insufficient numbers of trained workers with appropriate mental health skills.” The Mental Health Action Plan for Europe recommends that priority is given to the development of new education and training initiatives; an example of which is the Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker role, which has demonstrated that trainees without prior mental health experience can be quickly trained to enhance primary care mental health services.

Solution: to adapt the Primary Care Graduate Mental Health Worker Programme (PCGMHWP) so as to provide a new, non-tertiary vocational programme to train community mental health workers. This will increase the scope and range of mental health training and help to build capacity in primary care mental health in the United Kingdom, Poland, Slovenia, Lithuania and Greece as a model for other EU countries to explore.

Purpose: To develop, accredit and evaluate a new, level three vocational programme to train 20 community mental health workers in each partner country.

Consortium: comprises a leading UK mental health charity, two Higher Education establishments (UK and Poland), two not-for-profit social care organisations (Slovenia and Lithuania) and the Mental Health Centre (Agrinio Hospital) in Greece. This diverse partnership has significant experience in teaching, service delivery and development and research in the field of mental health and social care.

Outputs: level three vocational programme to train community mental health workers, with a common 10 Essential Shared Capabilities (ESC) framework in each country mapped to EQF level 3; ; Evaluation report; Learning Resources and Mental Health Training Toolkit for other EU states to adapt.

Outcomes: An increase in primary care mental health capacity; interventions for low to moderate mental health problems to facilitate recovery, both mental and economical (eg reduction of work absences through stress).

Impact: The project will provide the template for new community mental health worker training programme, based on 10 ESCs. The programme and mental health training toolkit will be made available to member states through a planned valorisation work package.

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